Credit Card Processing Job

Now hiring qualified and self-managed individuals

Excellent Credit Card Processing Income Job

We understand that entering into a new industry can be tough for some people. The reason could be that it is difficult to gain knowledge about the industry, operation costs are too high, or there may not be enough time to pursue a new career. In the credit card processing industry, there is the flexibility of working from home or opening up a sales office with revenues from our residual income and bonus programs. We also offer a wide range of tools and resources to accommodate future merchants with credit card processing services.

As an independent sales agent for us, there are no startup fees, training fees, or license fees. We are strictly recruiting qualified and self-motivated individuals to be part of our high performance team.

Residual Income

Passive Income Job

Residual income also known as passive income is the most valued source of income in this industry. For every account that is signed on board, account executives add onto their residual income the very next month.

Bonus and Commission

Bonus and Commission Income

Add onto your residual income with our aggressive bonus and commission program. This additional source of income helps with your operation costs when you decide to open your own sales office. Bonuses and Commissions

Pay Calculations

Income Payout Calculations

If you are new to the industry and want to understand more about residual income, upfront bonuses, and commissions off of equipment sales, review the sample payout schedule.